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重新认识婴幼儿:Human infants and young children to know

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Human infants and young children to know

Early education experts: Feng Dequan


Human to rediscover an infant (a)

Author: Feng Dequan

Hubei Feng Dequan children's potential development institute

   Old traditional notion of "incompetent" always think babies, they will only eat, drink, pull, and sleep, and cry, a "gut";And young children also only will jump to snap up, they are a living toys.Really talk about education or grew up in elementary school later...Another idea when her child "miniature adults," you see, before the xinhai revolution doesn't even have children, adults, wearing long gowns and mandarin jackets then children also wear a narrow;The teenagers how to learn, of course, kids also how to learn;Before the age of three babies can't have a class, then let it boring to live and grow up to go to school again.Above, decadent ideas handed down from generation to generation until today is still common but with most of the people all over the world.

   On the surface, the baby really incompetent, after birth can't stand, don't go, birth time much more than the small animals, (the duckling born shortly after can swim, little monkey gave birth to a week as smart as mother monkey climbing).But humans must recognize that the baby is the person's life, he revealed the instinct of the instinct of the cubs are completely different with animals.The instinct of the animal pups are mainly on the strength and movement, this is the need of survival;And baby's instinct is mainly revealed in brain function, advantage of themselves in right brain development, "born to use the right brain learning and promote the development of the whole brain, this is the most obvious people and animals difference.

Baby was born with the demand of the spiritual life, there are the most primitive "observation", "communication", "imitation" and "behavior", was born a few hours to a few months will manifest the psychology of "active" wisdom dawn.Such as:Follow the perception: can sight deflection was born on the same day, chase (exploration) light source and the sound source;Liked: Suckling the most like to see the face of the speaker, gentle love adults;After crying baby up to 88% of the children immediately stopped crying, soon he always smile to the person;

 With behavior: this is the unconscious imitation, such as my granddaughter was born 20 days, after her eat satisfied sleep well I on her tongue, she is on my tongue and her mother to her mouth "kipper ring", her mouth to make noise.

 Resonance action: more than two months of a baby on her pillow pulled a thread, cradle connection at the top of the toy.Move the pillow when the thread affects toys, toys will jump up.This phenomenon is found by a child, she lay affects toys when they often head to beat play.

Above is the wisdom of life dawn, because the man is a creature of wisdom, was born in the psychological activity, so the past keep son children experienced grandmother used to say: "three days of spirit than a dog".Really don't look down upon the baby, his right brain functions -- amazing unconscious to search, imitate forces too many aspects, such as, memory is than adults, adults as long as want to come in front of the children had carefully, to shame!