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早教“革命史”Feng Dequan early education "revolution"

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Feng Dequan early education "revolution"



Of self-development, DE also!Early education "revolution" -- Feng Dequan

The central China publishing house 2017-01-25 WHWJ

"Revolution" in the interpretation of the word, in ancient times, refers to the regime change, in modern times it refers to the natural world, social world or ideological circle in the development process of the profound qualitative change, also witnessed the fate of many individual characters change.Perhaps, precisely because it is with many of the "quality" characteristics, so that we arrived Feng Dequan lenovo, lenovo in his history, from the struggle to decades of China's early education cause the old man, we found that his experience, it is not a personal history of "revolution"!


Intro: "genius" smart

  If really have the talent in the world, was born normal and healthy infants and young children all is "genius".At the beginning of the life is a mystery, as long as the export children born with huge potential, effectively release early life reveal psychological advantage adequately, so wonderful life and plants of outstanding talent on your side.

- Feng Dequan

In March 1993, the yangcheng evening news "the little girl read more" to report on a live guangzhou huangpu district year ten months of the little girl read news of more than 5000.After that, the media continued to follow up - "guangzhou daily", "including economic culture", Malaysia, the sing tao daily "nanyang siang pau"...Suddenly, the little girl became hot news.

  In Chinese traditional concept, genius is refers to the CaiFu outstanding children, they often in poetry, music, mathematical or more of the same age people behave on some art outstanding superiority.Such as can poetry's seven, six open composer Mozart concert, 13 years, and he created three sonata of Beethoven...The above guangzhou girl is not a special case.

Recently we adopt visit Feng Dequan, he thinks these so-called "genius" and are nothing new, he said actually all normal baby is born a genius, except that in the first years of life, talents have been all kinds of "education" kill...

  We have read "von type early education" "0 years plan" and feng old chief editor of "the cradle of talent" issue, there are a large number of parents cultivate outstanding children, such as:

  Liaoning fushun small tao, at the age of two and a half has been able to independent reading "365 nights" set up and down;Shandong a kid, when 5 years old skilled arithmetic, solution of the corresponding application;In changsha, hunan province, a child can quickly pinpoint on the map 2 provinces would be the location of the city, can distinguish between a straight line, curve, line, identify square, triangle, circle, trapezoidal, cone and frustum of a cone, cylinder, triangular prism, etc.;In hunan, the little hero was nine years old in high school, 12 years old admitted to huazhong university, at the age of 15 read tsinghua university graduate student;Fujian's little girl, the travels of 5 years old can write 5000 words, 8 answer up four languages; and "0 year old scheme" to cultivate a 19 year old university teachers...

  Feng Dequan said, "these are twenty or thirty years ago, I have already can't remember so many tracking of the child's name.But for precocious son, now I have another thinks.I think, the first objective of the education should be to develop physical and mental health, have a vision of a wonderful life, he (she) has the socialist core values of 12 word after germination situation; mind is education's second goal, produce all kinds of talented people, and even of outstanding excellence."

  For Feng Dequan we feel the same way, if education slant face pursuit to "achievement" and ignore the raise good heart, happy life, this is not the true meaning of education.