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巨大潜能:Chinese private education alliance is recommended Education of development of human potential

Chinese private education alliance is recommended

Education of development of human potential

Early education experts: Feng Dequan


Education of development of human potential

The 2016-08-22

Stored in the body of every child in one hundred million humans evolve huge potential, the most easily developed here about smart first.How much of intelligence?Now there is no accurate judgment, just know someone intelligent, fool someone didn't begin to understand.But psychological circles at home and abroad have a consensus that the intellectual potential of the common man in society developed only 3% to 3%, this is an estimate and, of course, is a "fuzzy", but can explain: most of the average person is intelligent was buried without development.

The potential of people besides intelligence and physical (can be more strong and handsome, live longer, more athletic ability), the character can (can be more caring, patience and affinity, positive and strong will, etc.).Character is a great power, but it may be a positive motivation can also be negative.Physical fitness and development "is the character can", later have the opportunity to debate.

A person smart giant, the American professors at the Massachusetts institute of technology said the results of the study, only one memory if fully developed, and a fast life that can remember 20 million books in the library of congress's knowledge of 50 times.Of course this is a thought-provoking fuzzy mathematics.Engels in the "natural dialectics" one passage more surprising, thought-provoking.Engels said: "...People in its mother's womb embryo development is just our animal ancestors from insects for millions of years as an epitome of the development of the body, a child's mental development, is our animal ancestors, is at least closer to animal ancestors of intellectual development of a miniature..."(see" Marx and Engels anthology volume 3 517).From this passage we think, think about life from a single cell (protozoa) to the universe so far to find that the most complex, the highest level of material -- the human brain, nature has experienced one hundred million years of evolution, while in the womb single-cell fertilization for the development of the human brain is only 9 months, such a big gap between what reason be?I think just because of pure egg cell storage with great potential of human genetic in one hundred million.

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The other, and then think deeply, why from animal ancestor to modern humans, nature through millions of years, but only animals psychological level of infants to have modern intelligent children but as long as 78? And the development of children, why in a short time to finish the nature from animals to people the way?This is because human infants are lurking in the human genetic has the wisdom of the past dynasties, so it is no wonder that scientists exclaimed: human potential is staggering, but most of the idle brain neurons in the early, and then can't play huge function, it is human waste of hundreds of millions of vitality, is the regret of the entire human race!

More than 30 years ago Japan famous early education expert Mr Wells deep lake and psychologist Mr Hui asked me to meet in Shanghai, has carried on the exchange to ramble.Mr Wells deep told me a story, I was greatly shocked.

Says Mr Depth Japan tsukuba science and technology exposition on display at a "tomato tree", caused a stir of society.This tomato seeds are very common tomato plant seeds to remove, no any special, but scientists give it special, cultivate the optimal environment: other tomatoes planted in soil, it is in the water, called hydroponics;Other tomatoes with ordinary fertilizer, it is in proportion to the special use of fertilizer, and in the water;Other tomatoes grow in the ordinary course of nature environment, weathered, the wind frost, and the plant tomatoes in a special thermal tent, after research give him the most appropriate temperature, the humidity of the optimum and most in need of light, it is said that like as red tomatoes, just give it time to illuminate red....After such optimal environment of cultivation, it grow and mature later you see?Grew up in a natural environment of tomatoes, a range of about a third of smooth rice, and this plant tomatoes is tall and big, leafy, covers an area of 12 square meters;Other tomato about seven or eight, a dozen of a piece of fruit, which is called "tomato tree" tree of 13000 fruit, 1000 times that of ordinary tomato yield!