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Chinese private education alliance is recommended To drive the whole brain education right brain

Chinese private education alliance is recommended

To drive the whole brain education right brain

Early education experts: Feng Dequan


Strange to drive the whole brain education right brain development

When I set foot in human early education, children's potential development area, this magical world should I give up the higher education, to explore its mystery, 36 years like one day also enjoyed more and more strong, I want to come, sometimes even their incredible...

I often moved by singular learning ability for infants and young children, and file the "human to understand to infants and young children, they all are genius, life is the most difficult problem is they solve..."The conclusion.In fact, the baby just a few years, the child far more than those who walk upright, with the hand labor, know everything, native dialect, interest in music..., the behavior of the costumers, more apparent, more those who can't see, touch, such as the development of thinking, imagination, interests, habits, emotions, ideas of precipitation and solidification, will, communication, improvement of affinity, and the seven good personality qualities make...In short, people's physiological and psychological development of all aspects of early childhood development efficiency is the highest of the highest.People's behavior, for example, in a period of time after the child is born even move bowels to pull the urine on the bed, in the pants, what is the person's behavior?But a year or so "native" early education, he soon learned to regular life, sensible understanding, pay attention to civilization, treats people polite, developed the skills...Done by a person to social person's great change!

Have a friend who argue, I said, raising children 'early' words no one is good, you see: puppy love, early marriage, pregnancy, premature birth, early maturity, a good die young?Of course can be harmful to the early education, early education to let children learn early on intelligence development worse!I understand his eloquent, puppy love, early marriage, pregnancy, premature birth, early maturity, early death is bad, but the phenomenon is due to not good early education.What is the earlier education?It is not a han yu said one thousand years ago to preach, knowledge, light, also is not three hundred years ago comenius, invention system in class teaching, or interpret early education for adults, children.Early education refers to the real scientific parenting, at 0 6 year old brain advantage development right brain huge development potential, and promoting the rapid development of the left brain, early childhood was happy affection caress, games, rich, life, environment osmosis model induced, positive hint, interpersonal communication, development of widespread interest, cultivate good habits and character, etc., baby is to promote the comprehensive development, individuality development, fully developed, and stale of traditional education and be on the lookout horse.Strictly speaking, the early education is the emerging of anthropology, brain science, the combination of physiology, psychology, pedagogy, ethics edge science, is the optimal period of human great potential development, and is in the exploration of the 'black hole' of the universe.

People always think the baby is not learning, ever also should not learn, one heard let infants and young children learning immediately put on "burn out" big hat.There was a group of scholars criticized my doctrine is "get rich quick, urgent the get-rich-quick";"But, child abuse";"Put the child in hot water", "mentioned in the morning to eat dinner"...Said really scary!But according to psychologists an amazing world: human life to obtain knowledge, about 95% are unconsciously learned before the age of five, this is how a thought-provoking statistics, people of deep!So, babies learn "gourd" what is it?They are born with the original right brain spontaneous learning.