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Gifted children growth ladder: talent genetic testing category

Gifted children growth ladder: talent genetic testing category

  The testing results of the genetic testing is not only tell you what is more important to tell you how to guide the child upbringing and education.Tell your child's test results not only, more important yes to interpretation and analysis of test results is given by experts, such as JunKeYuan targeted training scheme, help children to achieve "to grasp the nature, power the day after tomorrow" style of education, so that's the key to long before.Optimal treasure, let every parents in the eyes of good baby become social acceptance of talents.Children grow up, parents raise is the key

  Children's talent detection is composed of eight classes, respectively, artistic personality, intelligence, emotional, environmental, health, sports, addiction, customers can choose according to own needs in the eight class class 1 or a few of them for testing, can also be eight classes all detection, single class testing is as follows:

Personality tests:

Detection range: including gene, risk genes, communicative, optimistic persistent gene, shy, sedate gene, dual personality, depression gene, impulsive, focus, gene, plastic;

The arts detection:

Detection range: performing gene, music, dance, painting, genes, and literature
IQ tests:

Detection range: creativity gene, gene of thinking, grasp,Memory genes, intelligent gene

Emotional class testing:

 Detection range: affectionate gene, specific genes, passion, puppy love gene, sentimental

Sports detection:

Detection range:Genetic genes for endurance, explosive force, skill

Addiction class detection:

Detection range:Genes for detoxification ability, drinking, smoking, Internet addiction gene, gene therapy, drunk

Second-hand smoke resistance test:

Detection range:Secondhand smoke sensitive genes, secondhand smoke is slow

Health class testing:

Detection range:highlyMyopia genes, obesity gene, strong.