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Talent genetic testing: to cultivate talented children get scientific basis

Talent genetic testing: to cultivate talented children get scientific basis

  Origin of children's talent genetic testing is affiliated with Shanghai biological technology co., LTD. Children's talent education series products.Talent is innate, everyone has a talent.Britain's Cambridge university professor Robert plomin, through a large number of genetic studies of identical twins, 32-62% genetically determined people's success.Talent genetic testing was based on the single base polymorphism of main detecting targets, using gene chip and sequencing technology, DNA samples through to the client for scientific rigorous testing, testing gene related to talent, scientific assessment of the child's talent, the accuracy can reach 99.99%.

  Through children's talent genetic testing, explore the child's talent advantage, provided the scientific basis for parents to cultivate children to personalize the education training, improve the success rate of education, make the child become a social good and effective to solve today's parents parenting difficult problem.

  The critical period of talent cultivating, childhood

  Your child can become a prodigy!

  A famous American scholar thought enlightenment through research and analysis, draw out the three main human physiological growth curve, curve of thought enlightenment, revealed that early childhood is the fastest growing brain and sensitive period, is also one of the best period for children in terms of talent development.