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怎样把癌细胞“饿死”:Encyclopedia of life: how to get the cancer cells to "starve"

Encyclopedia of life: how to get the cancer cells to "starve"

Encyclopedia of life: how to get cancerStarve to death


To all my good friend Mr. Mei I send a, please share!A friend of I in Geneva is a medical professor at the university of Geneva——Yellow and peng, he is a brothers who's grandson.He told me ten years ago, he dissected the more than one hundred bodies, have cancer cells found in their body, but are not died of cancer.His conclusion: cancer patients60%Was frightened to death,20%Medicine is chaos and death,20%Have a good attitude and scientific treatment.Hope you no matter what disease don't fear, with scientific attitude!Wish you longevity and health!Johns Hopkins latest reports of cancer research:
One, each person with cancer cells, unless the number of cancer cells to increase the billions in cancer cells is cannot be detected in the general inspection.So whenever the patient to a stage after treatment the doctor will tell the patients have no cancer cells in vivo, the doctor is referring to the number of cancer cells in the body has been reduced to the number of instruments cannot be detected.

Two, in everyone's life, the cancer cells will appear6to10Times.
3, when the body's immune system is strong the cancer cells will be destroy, at the same time the immune system is strong can inhibit tumor formation and expansion.
Four, when people were found to have cancer, it means the patient has a large number of nutrient deficiency;This may be due to genetic, environmental, food and lifestyle factors.
Five, how to overcome the lack of nutrition, that is to change the diet and strengthen the food of the immune system into use
Six, chemotherapy not only can poison the fast growth of cancer cells, will also destroy the healthy cells within the bone marrow and gastrointestinal tract, along with all at the same time cause organ failure;Such as the liver, kidney, heart and lungs, and so on.
Seven, radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells, also burn the healthy cells, tissues and organs
Eight, the initial area of tumor chemotherapy and radiation therapy is easy to be reduced to a certain extent, the longer the therapy does not cause tumor completely eliminated.
Nine, chemotherapy and radiation therapy can let the body of toxins and endanger or destroy the immune system, resulting in diseases patients susceptible to infection and disease
Ten, chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause patients to cancer cell mutation and produce antibodies and become difficult to destroy, and surgery is easy to cause cancer cells to spread to other parts