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Encyclopedia of life: feng shui knowledge, is worth collecting!

Encyclopedia of life: feng shui knowledge, is worth collecting!

Feng shui is superstitious? Taiwan famous scholar master nan said the old man more objective: "any kind of culture, can spread for thousands of years, there must be attributed to its existence. Many people heard of feng shui, immediately called a superstition. Ask you understand don't understand? For things they did not understand the blindly under the theory of fault, itself is a kind of deeper superstition, superstition in his judgment." Yes, jump to conclusions, can only be arbitrary. In feng shui, believe that many things. A lot of people for our great ancestors left behind, has always been. This is another form of precious things. Western science is developed, what cloning, nuclear! But when they drill ever deeper, from the outgoing turned inward after a circle. Also not ?

Window to see where is lucky

The front of the house is called "QianZhuQiao", also known as "hall". A lot of feng shui master will be out of the window as the hall. We most of the open window in the house of one party to. Because the window is the only light penetrates into the entrance, and the light is the sun be the spirit, so YangZhai is to Yang.

When you find a house to, stood at the window looking out, pay attention to what can see inside a hall place, if the window of any of the following circumstances is hall geely.

A, see outside the window pool, swimming pool;

Second, the window to see the park, stadium;

Three, out of the window to see a parking lot, surrounded by road;

Four, out of the window to see lake, river, etc.;

Five, out of the window to the sea.?